Löyly – an urban oasis

Löyly, an urban oasis occupying a stretch of beautiful Helsinki waterfront, offers a warm welcome and many delights for locals and visitors alike. On a beautiful summer’s day, our terrace is the place to be and our saunas are available daily.

Exceptions in opening hours:

Wednesday 5.4.2017
Public sauna is open 16.00 – 20.00

Saturday 8.4.2017
Restaurant is open 10.00 – 16.00
Public sauna is open 13.00 – 20.00

Monday 10.4.2017 
Public sauna is open 16.00 – 20.00

Wednesday 19.4.2017 
Restuarant is open 11.00 – 15.00
Public sauna is closed. 

Thursday 27.4.2017 
Restaurant is closed 15.00 – 18.00, open 11.00 – 15.00 and 18.00 – 24.00

While Löyly offers exceptional architecture in a unique location, it is our commitment to sustainable business and green construction that truly sets us apart. The environment has been our number one consideration throughout the project, informing everything from our choice of FSC certified building materials to our menu.

Photos in the gallery: Pekka Keränen