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For the climate, food matters – Loyly x Compensate collaboration sheds light on just how much

Customers of Loyly can now offset the carbon emissions of their meal and sauna visit.

Food is a great example of an ordinary, everyday thing, which has a surprisingly large impact on an individual’s carbon footprint. Food makes up about 20 percent of the average annual carbon footprint of a Finn for example (~10 400 kg CO2e). linkki lahde 

Biggest climate baddies are red meat, cheese and other dairy products, fish and chicken, eggs, and beverages. Beef is the biggest CO2 polluter of them all.

Through the new Loyly x Compensate collaboration, the carbon emissions caused by food can be compensated for.

– If our actions create emissions, we must also clean up after ourselves. I’m very happy to see Loyly leading the way on climate issues. Small acts done by many can together build large-scale effects on the climate, says Compensate CEO Antero Vartia.

If we want to mitigate global warming at the crucial 1,5 degree point, we need to drastically cut our emissions – to 2500 kg CO2e by 2030. In countries like Finland, this would mean 75 to 80 percent cut from the emissions of today.

Right from the start, sustainability and environmental values have guided Loyly’s operations. Its energy use has been optimized, it only uses renewable energy, and all the wood materials of the building are FSC-certified. The restaurant serves organic food and fish from sustainable sources.

Vartia founded Loyly with actor-activist Jasper Pääkkonen. To launch Compensate, he sold his stake in Loyly to Pääkkonen.

– We have shared values with Compensate and this collaboration is a natural next step in our sustainability efforts. We want to be among the firsts to offer people ways to compensate for their emissions and to take action towards more sustainable culinary world, Pääkkonen says.

The compensation payments of dishes match their carbon footprint. Vegan dishes can be compensated for with 0,05 euros, fish and vegetarian dishes with 0,10 euros and dishes with meat with 0,15 euros. 

Through this pricing, people can become more aware of the climate impact their food choices have.

In addition to meals, customers at Loyly can also compensate for their visit to the sauna. The compensation payment is 0,10 euros, which covers emissions created through burning of the fire wood and the energy consumption.

– We must radically cut our emission to mitigate climate change, but we must also remove the excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Forestation will play a big role in this. We need to build systemic changes, and we also need to act right here and now, Vartia says.