Summer & Events at Löyly

At Löyly, summer is celebrated on the terrace with dancing, laughter, relaxation, and having fun. We organize several amazing evenings for you, with exciting events and wonderful togetherness.

TapahtumatLöyly Events


1.7 DJ Lash klo:14-22
6.7 DJ Awa klo:17-22
7.7 Nocturnal music by Anima J klo:17-22
8.7 DJ Brando klo:14-22
13.7 Karhu Sunset Sounds:
Jaako_TDJ & Roberto Rodrigues klo:17-22
14.7 Nocturnal music by Anima J klo:17-22
15.7 DJ Brando klo:14-22
20.7 DJ Awa klo:17-22
21.7 Nocturnal music by Anima J klo:17-22
22.7 DJ Lash klo:14-22
27.7 Karhu Sunset Sounds: Jaako_TDJ &
Jesse Markin LIVE klo:17-22
28.7 Nocturnal music by Anima J klo:17-22
29.7. Yotto

Book a sofa set for your group on the terrace here!


3.8. DJ Awa klo: 17-22
4.8. Nocturnal music by Anima J klo: 17-22
5.8. DJ Tarantino klo: 14-22
10.8. Karhu Sunset Sounds:
Jaako_TDJ & Jacob & Julius klo: 17-22
11.8. Nocturnal music by Anima J klo: 17-22
12.8. DJ Lash klo: 14-22
17.8. DJ Awa klo: 17-22
18.8. Nocturnal music by Anima J klo: 17-22
19.8. DJ Lash klo: 14-22
25.8. Nocturnal music by Anima J klo: 17-22
26.8. DJ Lash klo: 14-22

Löyly EventsTapahtumat

Read more about what Löyly's summer consists of in detail!

The long, cold, and dark winter is over, and now it's time to celebrate summer. At Löyly, we want to celebrate summer in many ways because Finnish summer is versatile. However, at Löyly, every summer day feels like a vacation. The sun is shining, you feel the light summer breeze, taste a refreshing drink, and hear good music. We know that everyone understands that summer feeling. You may have just enjoyed a smoke sauna, swam in the refreshing sea, had a delicious salmon soup, and now you're sitting on our terrace, basking in the sun, and enjoying the summer. You relax and let yourself recharge. That's a summer day at Löyly.

You can secure the best spots on the terrace for your group for the whole evening by booking a sofa set. Booking a sofa set includes a table package of your choice, first-class table service throughout the evening, and, of course, the best seats of the night. Read more about it here!