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The building is accessible with wheelchair: there is an entrance ramp both in main entrance and to the exterior terrace. There is a separate accessible bathroom in the restaurant. The bar service desk is raised from the floor level with two steps but there is a possibility to make orders from wheelchair at the end of the desk. The terrace is mostly accessible: parts have been lowered with steps making these spaces less accessible but on the other hand this insures a good sea view even when sitting down on a wheelchair. There is an elevator to get to the roof terrace but lookout level is not accessible with wheelchair.

The dimensioning in sauna spaces enables accessibility but there are no shower chairs fixed on the walls or other special equipment. The extra big sauna stoves have raised the sauna benches high up making them more difficult to climb up. There is no ramp to sea from sauna spaces that have to be at least three meters from sea level according to Helsinki regulations but an accessible outdoor tub is planned and will be built in the near future.